Read a Book for Charity Survey

Dear Friend

I am inviting you help us build our online library and include more of the type of content you like to read by completing this quick online survey.

We will never share the data with any third party organisation but will only use an analysis of the answers to develop the library and raise money for the charities we support.

As a thank you for your help, the Davis Family Foundation will give a £20 Waterstones Gift Voucher to the first 6 names to be selected in a free draw.

If you wish to enter the free draw, please add your name and email address at the end of the survey.

Closing date for entries is 31 August 2018. Winners will be advised within 14 days thereafter.


David Davis
Founder & Publisher
The Davis Family Foundation

* 1. As a result of the recent scandals involving charities such as Save The Children and Oxfam have you?

* 2. Is it easy to read the contents of our library? 

* 3. What types of books would you read?

* 4. What types of charities would you support?

* 5. Does charity advertising on TV influence viewers' decision to
donate charities?

* 6. Do you trust TV Advertising by charities?

* 7. Have charities grown too big in Britain?

* 8. Should government introduce tougher legislation to regulate the growth of charities?

* 9. I wish to enter the free draw for £20 Waterstone Gift Cards. If you agree please enter your details below, thank you.