Coaching is for everyone not just corporate leadership

Introducing accessible personal and professional coaching opportunities for you

* 1. Have you ever considered formal Business/Career/Life Coaching?

* 2. Would you consider undertaking coaching in the next year if it was accessible and affordable?

* 3. What would be your reason for considering/undertaking coaching?

* 4. What would be your budget to benefit from life and career/business coaching resources online?

* 5. What area do you live & work in?

* 6. How would you look for online coaching resources?

* 7. What would you be most interested in for your own Personal & Professional Development?

* 8. If you could ask three questions and get answers easily with no obligation, what would you ask?

* 9. If youundertake coaching for your personal and/or professional development how best would you prefer it?

* 10. How would you like to find out more?