Presentation Proposal Submission Details

Please provide the necessary information below in order to submit your proposal*/** for the CiCea / CitizED 2018 Conference on Citizenship & Identity in a ‘Post-Truth’ World, to be held in Warsaw, Poland, on 10-12 May, 2018. Many of the questions contain brief instructions on their completions. Further guidelines and avenues for inquiry are provided via the CiCea Website.
*Please note that you must submit a separate application for each proposal to be reviewed!
** Although they will be evaluated jointly, symposiums proposals must be separately submitted in three parts, as Symposium Proposal 1, Symposium Proposal 2, and Symposium Proposal 3.

* 1. Please select Proposal Type:

* 2. First Author: Personal / Contact Details
Please supply full name and contact details of your proposal's PRIMARY AUTHOR.

* 3. Second Author: Personal / Contact Details
If your proposal does not have a Second Author, please scroll down to Question 6 to enter your proposal's KEYWORDS.

* 4. Additional Authors 
If your paper has more than 2 authors please provide the details below. If your paper does not have additional authors, please scroll down to Question 5 to enter your proposal's KEYWORDS.

* 5. Proposal Title
Provide the title of your proposal.

* 6. Proposal DetailsKeywords
Provide up to 5 words that best describe your proposal, which are helpful in categorizing, and aid quick searches of published papers.

* 7. What type of presentation are you proposing?

* 8. Proposal Abstract
Using the guidelines provided on the CiCea Website, please enter your abstract in the box below.
Please note that you must keep within the word limit (300 words).