We would be very grateful for your time in completing and returning this simple questionnaire – there are two main questions.

We are very keen to gain feedback from everyone in the Primary School community on what works and what we could aim to develop in the next few years, in relation to St Mary’s Church Haughley’s links with the School.

St Mary’s Church Haughley is also involved with the wider village community in a number of ways, through worship and aspects of worship (services, the choir, bellringers, flower arrangers, etc.. );  and through community support and social activities (for example not only running activities and links to the Primary School, but also through the management of the Post Office and the Maxwell Charnley community room; the recent lockdown support of the ‘telephone tree’; and diverse community activities, funded or led by the church, or with the involvement of the church, such as, the children’s Pizza group, the Haughley Festival, the Christmas Fair, etc….).

In a period of recovery from Covid, when a priority for everyone is mental and physical health and well-being, the context is one of St. Mary’s church working with the village community together to aid that recovery.


We are asking you to say what works now, and to imagine the ‘ideal’ church and church-related activities linked to the School, in the next few years. Our aim is to create a collaboratively developed goal, for the church within the community of Haughley, to aspire to… All responses will be collated together, anonymously, to create an overall picture, so that everyone can see what the views of the community as a whole are…
There are three guiding principles in completing your responses:
·       It is very important to us that everyone who wants to genuinely has a voice, so please complete individual rather than group responses wherever possible.
·       Please give us your own completely honest opinion – what you honestly think (and not just what you think we might want to hear!) is by far the most helpful.
·        Please do not comment on any other individual nor negatively on any current activity, but instead on what you think the ideal would be in the future… We reserve the right, of course, to not take into account any comment which is critical of another individual.

Question Title

* 1. Your top three strengths with regard to the Church and Church Services
(You could consider things like: monthly Assemblies in Church, special services like Christingle or the Remembrance Service, the children’s activity ‘Pizza Group’, or the Christian values which are contained in the School’s ‘Learning Cogs’, etc…)

Question Title

* 2. Your top three strengths with regard to the Church’s support for the community and its social activities within the community
(For example, in the School, the church provides some Governors, helps run a School gardening club, has run after-school Maths revision sessions, has run a children’s choir, etc… In the community more widely, the church helps to organise the Haughley Festival, the Christmas Fair, the Harvest Supper, Haughley Voluntary Service - taking those who need it to the doctor or dentist, and a ‘telephone tree’ during lockdown, etc…)


Question Title

* 3. With regard to the Church and Church Services
What different types of Service and specific church events would you ideally like to see? Please be bold and imaginative as well as realistic…
(Just one example of this might be, for instance, a Pets Service)

Question Title

* 4. With regard to the Church’s support for the community and its social activities within the community.
What would you like to see further developed? Please be bold and imaginative as well as realistic…
(There are many possibilities here – School history projects on the church (which is a Grade 1 Listed Building), live ecology projects in the churchyard, sketching and art (even making kneelers or a tapestry), collecting for Christian Aid or other charities to connect to the wider world and raise awareness of the climate crisis, world poverty etc.., the children’s choir, a drama group,  even the revival of the ancient Haughley Toy Fair which used to be a major attraction, etc…)