A comparison between different core training programmes.

Research being conducted at UCL IoE.
All information is anonymous.
If you would like more details leave email address in comments box.

1. Please state whether you did Core Medical Training or Core Anaesthetic Training

2. Did you have a clear idea of what your role was at work during Core Training?

3. Did you feel as a Core Trainee that your job changed significantly from Foundation Training?

4. Did you feel specialised in your role as a Core Trainee?

5. Did you feel familiar with your Core Training Curriculum?

6. Did you feel the curriculum guided your learning during Core Training?

7. Did you feel the Core Training curriculum was relevant and easy to understand?

8. Did you feel there was a culture of learning at work during Core Training?

9. Did you feel adequately supervised during Core Training?

10. Did you feel like you had a mentor at work most of the time during Core Training?

11. What proportion of your week did you spend with a consultant roughly during Core Training?

12. Did most of your learning at work come from yourself (home study, looking things up at work) or from your seniors during Core Training?

13. Did you have a clear idea of what a learning experience was during Core Training?

14. Did you benefit at all from reflective practice?

15. Did your ePortfolio benefit your learning or training in any way?

16. Were you familiar with the syllabus that was being assessed in your postgraduate exams?

17. Did you feel that your preparation for your exams helped you perform your job or professional role better?

18. Did WPBAs have any positive educational impact?

19. Would you have preferred your Core Training to have been merged with your chosen ST path as run-through?

20. Did you feel anyone had ownership over and interest in your training while you were a Core Trainee?

21. Was being a Core Trainee better from a training point of view at a DGH or at a Teaching Hospital?

22. Did you feel your Core Training was mostly service provision?

23. Any other comments?