Darlington Drugs and Alcohol Services

Darlington Borough Council has a responsibility to provide prevention, treatment and recovery services for those who misuse or are at risk of misusing drugs and alcohol. This may include individuals of all ages and backgrounds within Darlington. 

The Council does not provide the services itself but has a contract with organisations who are responsible for delivering them to the residents of Darlington. It is important that this service meets the needs of all the residents of Darlington and that organisations providing the service understand where things may need to change or where things are working well and should stay in place. So that we can make sure the services work as well as they can please let us know your views by completing the survey.

Name or contact details are not requested and the survey is confidential. The survey will be available until the 31st August 2019 so please ask your friends to complete it as well. If you require the survey in another language or format please contact Public Health whose details are given below.

This survey is part of a wider consultation programme and if you would like more details of this please contact Public Health Darlington by:
Email: public.health@darlington.gov.uk
Telephone: 01325 406201.