How is your broadband?

The Scottish Government has set a target for 95% of the population to have access to superfast broadband by 2017. Two years on from the launch of superfast fibre broadband in Kintore, we'd like to know more about your broadband experiences. 

* 1. Which town do you currently live in, or live near?

* 2. Who provides your broadband service?

* 3. What type of broadband do you have?

* 4. Even if you have not opted for superfast fibre broadband (such as BT Infinity), do you know if your line is enabled for it?

* 5. If you have tested your speed with a website like or, what is the best speed your line achieves?

* 6. What is the worst speed you have seen recently?

* 7. In the last three months, have you suffered service outages with your broadband service (these may be disconnections or a throughput failure) when you are unable connect to websites, email services, download sites, etc.

* 8. Are you satisfied with your broadband speed?

* 9. Would you like to add a comment about your broadband service?