Survey for children and young people with SEND

The City of London Corporation wants to make sure that all children and young people with SEND can access high quality services that meet their needs so they can make the best life choice decisions for themselves.

Good communication plays a big part in developing our services. That’s why we, at the City Corporation, would like to hear from children and young people so that we can feed your suggestions and comments into our ongoing service development plans.

Please tell us about how you’d like to receive news, get involved in future events and get in touch with us by completing our survey of seven questions by 28 February.

It’s important you have your say. We’ll use your feedback to help develop future events, groups, publications and digital opportunities.

Many thanks

City of London Corporation 

* 1. Where do you get information about the services that you use? Tick all that apply.

* 2. Do you know what the Local Offer is about?

* 3. Do you find our Local Offer (our online directory that outlines services for children and young people with SEND) easy to use?

* 4. Please share any other views about the Local Offer.

* 5. We would like to include things that interest you on the Local Offer. Please tell us what your interests are.

* 6. As a young person, how would you like to share your views?  Tick all that apply.

* 7. Please share anything else about how we can better communicate together in the future.