Particle Physics Technology Advisory Panel
(PPTAP) Community Survey

Please read through the text below, as it provides the context of the survey and explains the intent behind a number of the questions.
Thank you for taking the time to engage with STFC and the Particle Physics Technology Advisory Panel in this activity.
The remit, operations and membership of the Particle Physics Technology Advisory Panel (PPTAP) is given in detail on the website. 
The 2020 European Strategy for Particle Physics Update identified the immediate need for active R&D programmes for future accelerators, detectors and computing.

STFC has established PPTAP to ensure that an informed consensus on UK R&D capability and ambitions can be presented internationally, and to give advice in the development of a coherent and sustainable R&D programme.  There is cross- membership between PPTAP and roadmapping bodies at the European level; the European Collaboration for Future Accelerators in the case of detector R&D, and the European Laboratory Directors Group for technologies associated with accelerators. 

This survey explores the need for R&D towards new technologies, that will in turn support the infrastructure and facilities underlying the science programme.  PPTAP seeks to gather input on a range of technology options that can represent R&D trajectories toward well-defined scientific objectives in the 2040s and beyond.
This survey does not concern the prioritisation of projects or experiments; we invite you to focus specifically upon future technology requirements and their scientific drivers.  In some cases, the viability and sustainability of these projects may rest critically upon new technology.  Achieving the necessary overview requires thinking about the full lifecycle of technology development and application, and could incorporate aspects of technology re-use, synergies across and beyond STFC science areas, new novel approaches, and the need for training and skills development and career support.  It is important to consider outcomes in a 'do nothing' scenario, but equally, to explore the limits of what may be possible with significant and focussed investment.
Key themes relevant to PPTAP are scale and ambition, affordability, sustainability (in all its forms) and international cooperation and leadership.
STFC and the PPTAP want to know what UK communities think, and we are reaching out to as many relevant communities and as widely as we can.  If you wish to make contact regarding this survey, please do so via
We encourage you to pass on the survey to as wide and relevant an audience as you see fit!
All data management will be done in accordance with GDPR, and all responses will be anonymised before being shared outside PPTAP.  
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