Healthwatch Bury are inviting individuals living with mobility difficulties to share their experiences with us.
If you live in Bury we want to know about your experiences  good and bad with health and social care services so that we can work with commissioners and providers in order to improve the services provided.
Healthwatch Bury want to build on the information we have already received from people in Bury who have mobility difficulties and those requiring a wheelchair, to further explore the issues and concerns raised.
Your views and experiences will be recorded anonymously and the data being used is for Healthwatch purposes only.
If you wish, you can provide a name and email address/phone number at the end to enter our prize draw and win a £50 gift voucher

If you would like support in completing this survey please contact: 0161 253 6300.

Healthwatch Bury would like  interested individuals to participate in a disability group to be set up to look at the issues arising from the comments collected.

* 1. Please tell us about your mobility difficulties

* 2. Are you a wheelchair user?

* 3. Do you have any specific concerns around wheelchair services? (e.g repairs, getting the right wheelchair for you). Please give details below:

* 4. What assistance do you have to enable and support your life?

* 5. In terms of the support you receive, what in particular do you value the most?

* 6. Please tell us your experiences of finding and accessing paid support?  (You may want to tell us about assessments, extra support needs, issues with your personal budget for care or working with a Management Service.) If NA please got to Q10

* 7. What could be improved in Bury?

* 8. What could improved your experience of finding and accessing paid support?

* 9. If applicable, rate your experience of finding and accessing paid support?  (one star being the lowest and 10 the highest)

* 10. Please tell us your experiences of finding and accessing free or charitable/groups for support in Bury.

* 11. If applicable, rate your experience of finding and accessing free support or charities/groups (one star being the lowest and 10 the highest)

* 12. Do you feel your care is the right care for now?

* 13. Do you feel you are involved as much as you want in discussions about your healthcare? Please tell us why.

* 14. Could the relationship with your clinician be improved? If yes how?

* 15. Do you feel the clinicians who care for your medical needs listen and understand you? 

* 16. Would you know what to do or who to contact if you were unhappy about your care?

* 17. What assistance have you had from social care?

* 18. What could be done differently to improve your care needs?

* 19. How could the assistance from social care be improved?

* 20. Would you like to share with Healthwatch Bury any disability access issues you have experienced?

* 21. Are you completing this survey on behalf of someone else?

* 22. If yes (to the above) are you a

* 23. Do you have any other comments about your care or specific concerns you would like Healthwatch Bury to be aware of?

* 24. What is your age?

* 25. What is your gender?

* 26. Personal Information (Optional)