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Unite calls on ALL offshore members and workers to back industry-wide approach to Covid-19 crisis.

Unite is calling on all offshore members and workers to back the following position:

Unite and the other Offshore Coordinating Group Trade Unions (OCG) are calling for an industry-wide approach to the unfolding Coronavirus crisis.

In particular we are seeking: A clearly defined position in relation to how the industry will apply the UK Government’s Covid-19 “Job retention scheme”. Any such position should ensure that all workers placed into a lay-off/stay at home situation receive the full entitlement to the benefits set out by Government. This would provide resilience to the sector and be funded by Government by and large.

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* 2. Do you support this petition's aim of this petition? To ensure no redundancies during Covid-19 and for the utilisation of the Job Retention Scheme to protect jobs and incomes. 

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* 3. Unite may set up a WhatsApp group on your rig or within your company. 

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* 5. Thank you for your answers so far. The petition part is now over. 

Unite is gathering as much information as possible about your company's response to COVID-19. Do you have anything to relay to Unite? Both positive and negative responses are welcome as we try to build up a picture of how the industry is reacting. 

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