Join Bella Caledonia's women writers database

Bella Caledonia are creating a searchable database and network of women writers in Scotland to allow editors to discover and commission more women writers in their outlets. The project doesn't require that writers have any particular stance about Scottish politics, but rather that we create a broad network of quality writers, raising the profile of them all, changing the tone of alt-media and working collaboratively to promote and improve women's writing, particularly in areas they are underrepresented - opinion, analysis and commentary.
To be part of the database, fill out the form below. We won't publish any of your details publicly, only making them accessible to editors and those looking for new writers to commission. More information on the network and support will come in due course.

Bella Caledonia have found a direct correlation between the number of female writers and commenters on their own site, and are spurred to not only find new voices to redress this, but encourage more conversations that come with using new voices not only themselves, but with other publications too.

We’ll also be building a network and offering support in different ways – driven by you would like to see, or need. For any queries, contact coordinator @heathermmcd, or @bellacaledonia.

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