The Committee has been reviewing the present arrangements, considering how outside factors may impact upon LFS and the programming.  In short, we are looking at future strategy and planning.

Before any decisions are made we would like the views of current members in relation to future direction. Attendances, film scoring and anecdotal feedback indicate that the current “offer” is satisfying the present membership, but demographics suggest that younger generations do not have the same attitude/outlook. Therefore, there is a need to consider evolving the offer, without alienating you, our existing membership. The findings of this survey will be used to make strategic decisions, which will include the type, and frequency, of films, and additional events. We aim to make the results available on the LFS website by the end of February.

The survey should take a maximum of ten minutes, depending on your responses. You are free to refuse to answer any individual question, and all the research findings will be reported on an anonymous basis.   

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact

The privacy policy of the online survey package we are using is here:

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* 1. First of all, thinking about your membership of Lincoln Film Society (LFS) overall, which one of the following best describes your opinion?

(Please feel free to use the text boxes at Q3 and 4 to set out why you’ve come to this opinion)

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* 2. How many LFS screenings did you attend last season? (The full list of films can be found through this link. Please select the option which most closely describes your attendance.

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* 3. What if anything do you particularly like about LFS?

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* 4. And what if anything would you change about LFS?

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* 5. Potential new developments

There are a few potential new developments that your committee has been discussing, and we would like to find out what you think about them. They are described below:

1 - Summer season of themed films
4 films in June/July. Example themes: “summer”, director or actor based mini-series. Films not seen on the big screen for a long time.

2 - Change the mix of films shown
Currently we present 26, mostly foreign language, films that have not been shown at the mainstream cinemas in Lincoln. We could include more cult/well-known films, curate themes within the season.

3 - Splitting the season in two
Rather than having 26 films between September and May, there would be 12 screenings from Sept-Dec and 12 from Jan to end of April (and then a summer season of 4 films in June/July)

4 - Outreach to targeted groups within Lincoln to fulfil charitable aims
Our charitable aim could be to take cinema to groups that aren’t served by mainstream cinema and/or don’t see films on a big screen. We could assist local groups/ charities in special screenings within their community

5 - Special event(s), including social activities, to be built into the programme
Examples: end of season party/barbecue with screening; seek out speakers for talks on a film being shown (UK independents film-makers often willing to attend to promote their films); offer a slot for a premiere of local/UK film.

Now could you tell us how much you agree or disagree with introducing each of these potential developments? SELECT ONE OPTION FOR EACH DEVELOPMENT.

  Strongly agree Slightly agree Neither agree nor disagree Slightly disagree Strongly disagree Don’t know/not sure
1. Summer season of themed films
2. Change the mix of films shown
3. Splitting the season in two
4. Outreach to targeted groups within Lincoln to fulfil charitable aims
5. Special event(s), including social activities, to be built into the programme

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* 6. If you have selected ‘STRONGLY/SLIGHTLY DISAGREE’ or ‘STRONGLY/SLIGHTLY AGREE’ for any option:

Why do you say that?

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* 7. Demographics - Finally, we’d just like to check a few details purely for classification purposes. If you feel uncomfortable answering any of the questions, please select ‘Prefer not to say’. - Can you please tell us your age?

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* 8. And can you please tell us your gender?

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* 9. And finally, is there anything else you’d like to tell us that hasn’t been covered in the questions above – it might be about the potential new developments, or about Lincoln Film Society in general?

* and thank you for filling in this survey!