Feedback on our services

We want to know what people think of us and our services. Please answer all of the questions you can as honestly as you can. All information is confidential and will help us improve what we do. If you need support to complete the survey or would prefer to answer the questions over the phone please contact or 01325 489999

* 1. Are you:

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* 3. How did you find out about DAD?

* 4. When you were looking for help did you consider anyone apart from DAD?

* 5. Since using our services how do you feel about DAD? (tick as many as you feel apply)

* 6. Would you recommend DAD to someone else?

* 7. Is there anything you would like DAD to do differently or improve?

* 8. Can you give three words to describe DAD?

* 9. How well do you think DAD promotes itself?

* 10. What could DAD do better to tell people about what it does?