I have an invisible disability (chronic pain), and I need to rest (a lot).

I find it difficult to be out in the world unless I lie down and rest when I need to: on trains, in galleries, on benches. Sometimes I get kick back, and sometimes I get moved on.

As part of Frontlines Festival 2019, we will be creating an installation called 'A Mini Crash Course in Cloudspotting'. The installation will question the etiquette of our public spaces, and create a Resting Space within a larger public space.

Our vision? Nothing less than a network of public spaces that welcome horizontality. 

If you have chronic pain or an invisible disability, please tell us what you'd like from a Resting Space, and would make your local arts centre truly accessible to you in this short questionnaire.

Thank you!

Question Title

* 1. Do you have a condition which means you have to rest throughout the day?

Question Title

* 2. Based on the social model of disability*, do you identify as having:

* the social model of disability states that the individual is not disabled by their condition, but by the social and attitudinal barriers that inform structures and the built environment.