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All Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres (YFVCs) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (EWNI) are required as a Condition of Designation to submit an Annual Return of yellow fever vaccine use and associated adverse events to NaTHNaC. This information will help inform what is known about yellow fever vaccination practise in the United Kingdom (UK).

YFVCs that do not comply with the requirement to submit an Annual Return will be temporarily de-designated until their return is received.

If you wish to keep your own record of the Annual Return, you will have to do that manually or by taking screenshots of each page.

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* 1. What is your YFVC ID Number? This is the 4-digit number after 'UKYFVC' on the centre's rubber stamp

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* 2. What is the full postcode of the centre?

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* 3. Which one of the following types best describes your centre?

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* 4. When was your centre designated?