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This informal and interactive forum will provide doctoral and pre-doctoral students with the opportunity to discuss methodological challenges they may be facing in designing, conducting and compiling their doctoral research.

Following a successful launch of the masterclass series in Warwick in 2017, we will once again be hosting a session dedicated to doctoral researchers.

This year, we will select 3-4 doctoral students to deliver a 10 min presentation of their doctoral research, highlighting key methodological areas/challenges for discussion and input. An invited panel of experienced researchers with varied methodological backgrounds and subject areas will provide initial feedback.  We will also invite the audience and the other participating student-presenters to contribute to questions and discussion arising from the presentations. The goal is to provide both speakers and the wider audience with useful insights into the methodological challenges of undertaking a doctoral level piece of research.

Speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts. Our goal is to select abstracts that offer a range of methodological discussion. The masterclass will be open to all conference delegates.  

The masterclass aims to provide a supportive forum for people at a crucial point in their research careers.  

Dr Helen Atherton, University of Warwick 
Professor Jo Reeve, HYMS
Professor Dan Lasserson, University of Birmingham
Dr Rebecca Morris, University of Manchester

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