Information sheet for participants

At the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, we are interested in the resources available to professionals when working with children or young people who have displayed harmful sexual behaviour online. The purpose of this questionnaire and research is to examine what resources are available for professionals currently, and also what resources would be desirable to help with this work in the future.

The research involves completing this questionnaire. The questionnaires will be completely anonymous and confidential; you will be therefore asked to create your own unique code to help with this.

If you choose to take part, the information you provide will be confidential and only reported in ways in which you will be anonymous. The only exception to confidentiality is that if you provided identifying details (e.g name or address) and then informed us of a child protection issue (e.g. something which may suggest a child is at risk of harm) or disclose an offence that the police are not aware of we may need to discuss this with over relevant organisations. This is required under Child Protection Policies and our duty of care towards you as a participant.

The results of this research may be used for information sharing regarding resources used with young people and children who are displaying worrying sexual behaviour online (e.g. conferences, presentations, annual reports), and for funding applications. The results of this research may also be published in an academic journal. Any material or data published will be in a form that ensures you will not be individually identifiable.

All information from the research will be kept securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

If you have any questions please contact the researcher Aimee Johnson on

Thank you in advance for participating in this research. Your time and effort is appreciated.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation.

Project Leads: 
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Lisa Thornhill -