The Arboricultural Association is keen to find out more about the impact that the Government's austerity measures are having on the standard of tree care and the day to day ability of tree officers to fulfil their roles.

Tree officers are asked to complete this anonymous questionnaire to help us gain a better picture of the situation.

If you have already completed and returned a copy at a previous event you shouldn’t do so again. 

Question Title

* 1. Many tree officers are facing significant pressures as the austerity measures imposed on local authorities continue. Please rank all of the issues below that impact on your ability to do your job well (1 being most important).

If there has been no adverse impact please skip to question 3.

Please note you can rank using the dropdown or drag and drop to re order

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* 2. For the issue that has the greatest impact on your ability to do your job well, please give a brief summary of how this issue impacts on you.

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* 3. If you have not experienced an adverse impact, or seen improvements in service delivery since the imposition of austerity measures, please tick below and provide comments

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* 4. What steps could the AA most usefully take to support tree officers in their role (please tick)?

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. Your contribution will help the Arboricultural Association to support your profession and act as your representative across the UK.