You Can Do It  - Get Started in Business

We have a new project about being self-employed, working for yourself or starting your own business.  
Please answer six quick questions. 

* 1. Which of these job roles can be self employed or a small business?

* 2. If you were thinking about starting a business... in what order would you do the following tasks?

* 3. How confident would you be in completing the tasks in question 2?

  Completely Confident  Mostly confident  Middle of the road A little unsure Not confident
Writing a business plan
Preparing a financial forecast
Researching ideas and business information
Checking business rules and regulations
Registering with HMRC
Contacting Blackpool Council for advice

* 4. Do you feel confident in meeting and talking to new people?
(Example situations might be at college events or parties)

  Completely confident Mostly confident Middle of the road A little unsure Not confident
Introducing yourself to someone you have not met before
Talking to a small group of people (5 people - round a table)
Talking to a large group of people (25+ people - standing up and presenting)
Talking to someone you have met before

* 5. Have you ever considered starting a business or working for yourself?

* 6. Please tell us your Age

* 7. For free information about working self-employed or starting a business - please tell us your email address.