To enter the:
·         'Entrepreneur Award' (for a business trading for over 2 years) click here>>
·         'Start-up Founder Award' (business trading for less than 2 years) click here>>
·         'One to Watch Award' (aged under 20) click here>>
·         Other categories, you’ll find the online form below.

It’s fantastic that the standard of nominations we receive is high and demonstrates the outstanding female talent in tech. Maintaining a high standard of entries means that we can make winning truly valuable, so we recommend you take a moment to read the following information and tips before you start the nomination form.

It’s free to nominate.

Who can nominate?
Entrants can either nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else, they can enter a maximum of two categories and must:
·         work in a technology role in any industry or sector
·         be based or have their chief operations in the UK
·         be available for the judging day 12 December 2016 (this will include filming and the judges interview) and Awards ceremony in London on 9 February 2017

Where relevant, their age should be as of the nomination closing date (3 October 2016)

Very important – we recommend you prepare your answers first

If you leave this webpage before you have submitted your nomination you will lose the information you have entered. We strongly recommend that you prepare your answers in a separate document before completing the online nomination form. The questions can be found here.

3 tips to enter a great nomination
1)    Complete all sections
To maintain the integrity of the Awards we work with our judges to ensure the questions asked solicit the information they need to make informed judging decisions. As a result, it’s important that you complete all sections, providing tangible evidence where possible.

2)    Word limits are important
If your responses are below the word limit they are unlikely to be considered and if they are in excess of the word limit they will be marked down by the judges.

3)    Supporting evidence is an advantage
Nominations with supporting evidence will be scored higher, it must be:
·         compiled in one document
·         no longer than four sides of A4
·         clearly labelled
·         emailed to before the deadline

Data protection
The information provided will only be disclosed to the staff of everywoman, our key partner FDM Group and the judging panel.

Enquiries: please contact 020 7981 2574 or email:

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* 1. Award Categories
Please select the Award category you wish to nominate in. For full definitions, please click here

If you would like to enter the 'Entrepreneur Award' (for a business trading for over 2 years) please complete your nomination here>>

If your business has been trading for less than two years, you can enter the 'Start-up Founder Award'. Please complete your nomination here>>

If you would like to enter the 'One to Watch Award' (for females aged under 20) please complete your nomination here>>

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* 2. Details of the person that is being nominated

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* 3. References

Please provide details of a line manager/director and details of a second referee, i.e. colleague/manager/director/associate.

You do not need to get their sign off or endorsement before you submit the nomination form.

These referees will only be contacted should the entrant be shortlisted. Please ensure that the referee is made aware that they are action as a reference for this entrant.

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To be signed by the person completing this nomination form.

I confirm that I am the person submitting this entry and that the information provided in this nomination is true and complete. I understand that the judges retain the right to shortlist the nominee for categories that I may not have entered if they deem it appropriate.

I understand that information from my nomination may be used for press and publicity purposes unless non-publicly available financial details have been specifically and clearly marked otherwise.

I understand that everywoman will not be liable for inaccuracies published based on nomination content and changes may not be possible after publication.

By submitting this nomination, you agree to everywoman and key partner, FDM Group retaining your details and to receiving further information regarding this event and other relevant products.

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* 5. In 100 words, please give a brief overview to the nominee’s company/organisation including a description of what it does, number of employees, annual turnover and how long it has been running. WORD LIMIT: 100

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* 6. In 200-300 words, please provide a bio or brief overview of the nominee's career path to date and their role within the current company/organisation (include key responsibilities, how long they have been in the role etc). WORD LIMIT: 300

Question Title

* 7. In 100 words describe why the nominee is a suitable candidate for this specific category WORD LIMIT: 100

Question Title

* 8. In 200-300 words provide tangible/measurable evidence of the nominee’s success. WORD LIMIT: 300
(Tip: this could include items such as % increase in sales, % increase in staff retention/performance, increase in efficiencies, new systems introduced that have led to better performance, personal achievements that have led to measurable success within the organisation. For software engineers this could include things like a patent filed, benchmarking or engineering papers).

Question Title

* 9. In 100-200 words describe how the nominee has impacted the organisation. WORD LIMIT: 200

Question Title

* 10. In 100 words, please explain how the nominee supports other women within the industry and why they are a role model to others aspiring to work in technology. WORD LIMIT: 100

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* 11.

Once you have completed your nomination form, please send a Statement of Support, of no more than 75-100 words from a close colleague or manager to the nominee. This statement will act as a professional reference and should be able to vouch for the nominee's skills, abilities and whether the nominee is a worthy candidate for this Award. You may provide this in advance alongside your supporting evidence if you wish to do so.

Please send this to by 03 October 2016.
Note that this is mandatory

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* 12. Good nomination forms should include statistical evidence of the nominee's success. This may be related to cost savings/increase in revenue/profit, customer satisfaction, staff retention etc.

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* 13. In addition to the statement mentioned above, you have the option to provide supporting evidence - this is optional, however nominations that submit supporting evidence will be given additional marks.

Please confirm whether you will be submitting support evidence (must be submitted in one document, no longer than four A4 sides and must be clearly labelled and emailed to before 03 October 2016).

You can submit video links, press releases, news articles, photographs, testimonials or other items which you think will help the judges make informed decisions about the nominee.

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* 14. If shortlisted, please confirm the nominee is able to attend a short interview in Central London on 12 December 2016 and the Awards Dinner on 09 February 2017. This is a condition of entry.

All successful entrants will be contacted by 21 November 2016 if required to attend.

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* 15. Further information for everywoman - How did you find out about the FDM everywoman in Technology Awards

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* 16. Your Information

By submitting this application, the nominator certifies that the information given is correct.

Please note that the information you provide is strictly confidential and will only be shared with everywoman, key partner FDM Group and the judging panel.