Grapes Hill Community Garden 2018 Plans

* 1. What is your main reason for coming to the Grapes Hill Community Garden?

* 2. Thinking about your reason above, how could we help you enjoy your experience at the Garden even more? What would make it even better?

* 3. What skills would you like to learn more of at the Garden next year?

* 4. Which of the following do you think would most improve the Garden environment?

* 5. We have the following ideas for social events in 2018. Which appeal to you?

* 6. Do you have any ideas about how the Garden could develop in the next 1-3 years

* 7. We love to hear your feedback. Which of the following is the best way?

* 8. How do you like to hear about events and workshops in the Garden?

* 9. The following is optional but is help for our records. Please can you tell us the following?

* 10. We cannot keep the garden running without our wonderful volunteers.
Would you be interested in coming to a volunteering session once a month to learn some new skills and meet new people?
Would you be interested in a small position of responsibility on the Garden committee with other local garden lovers?
Let us know your contact details in the below comment box so we can get in touch with more information.