* 1. What is your position?

* 2. How many years have you been in post/training?

* 3. Where is your current post located?

* 4. Where did you graduate from medical school/university?

* 5. What is your sub-specialist area/current sub-specialist interest?

* 6. What is palliative care?

* 7. What percentage of your clinics/practice do you feel would benefit from support from specialist Palliative Care? Please give details of the clinic type/ward case load below.

* 8. Is referral to  specialist palliative care part of your practice?

* 9. Do you incorporate a palliative approach into your own practice?

* 10. When do you think a palliative approach should be introduced, broadly speaking?

* 11. What palliative care training have you had?

* 12. Would you welcome more training in palliative management of patients?

* 13. How much time do you have with patients in clinic (new and review)?

* 14. Do you discuss advanced care planning with patients?

* 15. Do you have input into your patients with neurological disease until their death?

* 16. Have you ever found resistance when referring neurological patients to specialist palliative care?

* 17. What would enable you to provide better palliative care for neurological patients in the future?

* 18. What role do you think Geriatrician/Neurologists should have in life-limiting conditions?

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