Share your thought, ideas, musings and dreams

We are just beginning to see the glimmer of a path stretching out in front of us, through this time of collective change & transition to a new future where we hope there will be space and time to unfurl our creative energies to bring something brand new to you, our community, our beloved kula. 

To that end, we want to hear from each of you with your ideas, thoughts, musings and dreams on what would be meaningful to you as we re-imagine the Same Star Yoga studio space.

We hope that knowing that all of us are going through this co-creation of a new normal together helps you to forget about the individual I and believe in the collective power of We. 

Please use this survey to share your thoughts, ideas, musings and dreams. 

With loving kindness
Samantha & Faye 

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* 1. How likely is it that you would recommend Same Star Yoga to a friend or colleague?

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