We are interested in people’s experience of the treatment that they have received for Graves’ disease. If you have had Graves’ disease in the past (i.e. you finished treatment more than 1 year ago), please answer the following questions.

* 1. What treatment did you receive for your Graves’ disease?

* 2. Do you regret having chosen the treatment that you chose?

* 3. If your answer to question 1 above was b) or c) (i.e. you had surgery or radioactive iodine without a full course of medical therapy), you do not need to complete questions 3 to 7. Please scroll to the end of the survey to submit your responses. Thank you.

If your answer to question 1 above was a) (i.e. you were treated with 12-18 months of antithyroid drugs for Graves’ disease), please answer questions 3 to 7.

3. Did your Graves’ disease come back (relapse) following a period of medical therapy (12 months or more of antithyroid tablets)?

* 4. When you started medical therapy for Graves’ disease were you told that there would be a significant risk of relapse (in the order of 50% or more) after finishing medical therapy?

* 5. Were you offered any alternative treatment options (surgery to remove the thyroid gland, radioactive iodine treatment) at the outset, when you were diagnosed with Graves’ disease, before starting on antithyroid tablets?

* 6. During medical therapy for Graves’ disease, follow up appointments with blood tests occur relatively frequently (every 6 weeks early in treatment, to every 3 months on average). What was your experience of this?

* 7. If your Graves’ disease did relapse after a course of medical therapy and this could have been predicted at the outset when you were diagnosed with Graves’ disease (for example by blood tests), would you still have gone ahead with medical therapy (antithyroid tablets) or would you have opted for an alternative treatment to “cure” the Graves’ disease right away (such as surgery or radioactive iodine)?