What is a Neighbourhood Plan?
In November 2011, the Government passed the Localism Act; the aim of which is to facilitate the devolution of decision making powers from central government control to individuals and communities.
This means that each community has the ability to shape how it evolves. The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is your way of determining what Edenthorpe should look like, for you, your children, and your grandchildren without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. An 'adopted' NDP is a statutory planning policy document, which by law must be taken into consideration when future planning decisions are being made within the area.
You can help decide what this Parish wants/ needs in the next 15-20 years.
This survey is your chance to influence what your NDP should include, specifically around key planning issues:
1. Influence the level, type and location of future developments.
2. The design of new buildings and spaces.
3. The protection of our Village facilities.
4. The preservation and enhancement of our historic environment.
5. Protecting our important landscape character.
6. Encouraging new and improved infrastructure in the area .
The Parish Council would like to know how your household view the Parish, the amenities you use, and/ or what you would like to see in the area.
This survey is intended to be completed by people aged 16 or older. Younger people will be given the chance to participate through other methods of consultation at a later stage. The survey will be available until the 4th June 2017.
If you are having trouble completing the survey, then please contact the Parish Clerk. Thank you for your time.
Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan group would like to invite you to a Neighbourhood Planning event at the
Edenthorpe Community Centre Meeting Room from 4-8pm on the 22nd May2017. This event gives you the opportunity to find out more about the process and ask the team any questions you may have.
 There will also be an opportunity to speak to members of the Neighbourhood Plan Team at the village Gala on the 4th June 2017.

* 1. What do you like about living in Edenthorpe?

* 2. What do you dislike about living in Edenthorpe?

* 3. A Note on future housing numbers.

The emerging Doncaster Borough Council's Local Plan is proposing new homes in Edenthorpe. However, the level of new homes is flexible and by producing a Neighbourhood Plan allows the village to plan for where this, and future, development should be located over the next 20 years. Once DMBC confirm their housing targets in the Local Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan group will undertake further public consultation on how this new housing incorporated into Edenthorpe's Neighbourhood Plan.

Are there any specific locations within the Parish, that you feel may be suitable for this future development?

* 4. What type(s) of housing do you feel are needed within the Parish?

* 5. What areas would you like to remain free from development?

* 6. Do you think new development should respect the local character, landscape and heritage of the Parish?

* 7. What local features are particularly important to you? i.e. public open spaces, schools, retaining the existing boundaries between Armthorpe and other villages. Any others, please list:

* 8. Do you agree with the following statements?

* 9. What would be your greatest concern(s) should further development take place in Edenthorpe?

* 10. Which of the following services, and amenities would you like to see more of in the village?

* 11. Do you think there are changes needed to the following transport issues?

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