What is it?
This survey has been developed jointly by Hubbub and the Behavioural Insights Team. The aim is to gauge how the COVID-19 crisis has affected working practices, staff travel and business travel and what your intentions might be for getting around in the future.

Why should I complete it?
The crisis has drastically affected businesses, working practices and travel. This survey will help provide a snapshot of what changes colleagues have experienced. The results will be analysed to identify any barriers and opportunities to enabling more sustainable working and travel practices. The survey is open until 15 June.

The results will be anonymised, so no one individuals response will be shared.

It should only take you 3 minutes to complete. 

Please note that there is also a slightly longer 9-min 'Employer' survey for senior management to complete on how they envisage the business working and traveling in future. Please help us by passing it on to the right person to complete: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PFGB5W7

Question Title

* 1. What was your main mode of travel to work before the lockdown?

Question Title

* 2. What’s your anticipated main mode of travel in the future?

Question Title

* 3. How influential are the following in affecting how you might decide to travel to work either now or in the future?

  Very influential  Influential  Don't know Not very influential Not at all influential
Proximity to public transport
Travel season ticket loan e.g. tube or train
Parking availability
Company vehicle
Tax free fuel expenses
Car share scheme
Cycle routes and lanes
Cycle parking and showers
CycleScheme, tax free bike scheme
Cycling support e.g. maintenance events or cycle training
Other incentives to walk or cycle e.g. free breakfast on Cycle to Work day
Travel information or advice for more sustainable travel choices
How my colleagues travel to work

Question Title

* 4. Looking to the future, how keen are you for the following changes to happen? 

  Very keen Keen Don't know/Not applicable Not very keen Not at all keen
Return to the office/site as soon as possible
Work remotely more often
Only work remotely
Establish more flexible working hours
Have more work/ life balance for my well being
Reduce the need for business travel
Use new tools and platforms to enable online working
Find a new job requiring less travel

Question Title

* 5. How true are the following statements for you in relation to long-distance business travel? 

Long-distance business travel for me means...

  Very true Somewhat true Neither true nor untrue Mostly untrue Not at all true Does not apply
Work kudos
Networking opportunities
Seeing new places
Collecting air miles
Work time wasted
Loss of free time/ less work life balance
Feeling tired and stressed
I’d like to travel long-distance for work more