* 1. Please select which of these is most accurate

* 2. Why did you decide to look for advice online, rather than phoning or visiting an advice agency?

* 3. Please tell us why you visited our site

* 4. After using housingadviceNI, do you agree or disagree with these statements

  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree N/A
I found information to help with my housing issue
I understand my housing rights and options better
I am more confident about dealing with housing problems
I feel more able to deal with my housing problem
I know where to go for advice and assistance on homelessness, preventing homelessness and other housing issues
If applicable, I feel more confident in assisting the chronically homeless
If applicable, I know where to find more information to help the chronically homeless
I know where to find information to assist with housing and homelessness issues
I know about organisations that can give me further help
I would use this website again if I needed information on a housing issue
I would recommend this website to a friend who needed information on a housing issue
Overall, I was satisfied with this website

* 5. How can we change or improve this website to make it more useful for you?

* 6. If this website didn’t help you please tell us what your query was and leave an email address so we can respond

* 7. What is your email address? We can only respond to any points you've raised if you give us an email address

* 8. Do you consider yourself a member of any of these underrepresented groups? (You don't have to answer any of these questions - we use this data to ensure we are reaching all members of the community, but this section of the survey is entirely voluntary)

  Yes No Prefer not to answer
Ethnic minority community
Young person aged under 18
Young person aged 18-21
LGBTQ community
Person with a disability
Person with a life-limiting illness
Person with a learning disability
Person with mental health difficulties