1. Letter to Ross-on-Wye Residents

7th June 2019

Dear Ross-on-Wye Resident,

As you are probably aware, the landowner has announced that the Chase Hotel will be closing later this year.  As a result of this, the previous section on the Chase Hotel in the draft Neighbourhood Plan is now no longer fit for purpose and has been removed.  However, we are aware that local concerns have been raised about the future of the Chase Hotel site and buildings.

In response to these concerns, we are now seeking information and opinions that can shape what could and should be added back into the Ross Neighbourhood Plan to ensure an appropriate future for the Chase Hotel site.

The timing of the Hotel closure announcement and the legal limitations on what can be put into a Neighbourhood Plan (and, crucially, pass examination) have created a challenging situation.  We have therefore asked our Neighbourhood Planning consultants to put in place, manage and report on an additional consultation process, focusing on the future of the Chase site.  They will then use this as evidence to recommend a way forward.  A final decision on what to include in the Neighbourhood Plan will be considered by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and a decision will ultimately be made by the Town Council.

Following this letter are two further sections, both from our consultants:

•       The first is a background note which introduces and explains the current situation - what can and cannot be done from here on.

•       The second covers the form of the additional consultation and explains how to respond.

Various local communications and media links are being used to encourage contributions from anybody in the town as a whole.  In addition, to ensure that residents living in close proximity to the site are made aware of the additional consultation, material is being delivered directly to all those living immediately around the site.

Please note that you can also respond to a paper version of this consultation available at the address below. 
This additional consultation will close at midnight on June 28th 2019.

Yours sincerely.

Mrs. Sarah Robson
Town Clerk, Ross-on-Wye Town Council,
The Corn Exchange, High Street, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 5HL

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