* 1. S1: Think about the statements and rate each one based on how you feel.

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
Learning in S1 is helping me become more confident.
I enjoy learning in my subjects.
I am becoming more successful in my learning.
I get help to improve my learning when I need it.
I know what my targets are to improve my learning.
I get good written feedback from my teachers on how to improve.
The work in S1 is not too easy. It challenges and stretches me to learn.
I can use skills I learn in one subject to help me with my learning in other subjects.
I feel motivated in class.
I am building on work I did in P7 and learning new things.
I know where I am in my learning and what I need to do to improve.
Teachers listen to me when I talk about my learning.

* 2. What are we doing really well in Dyce Academy?

* 3. What should we start doing to make things better?