Presented by
Highbury Theatre Centre
Sheffield Road
Sutton Coldfield
B73 5HD
12th – 13th March 2022
Curtain up 2.00 & 7:00 pm
Alan Hayes GoDA
11 Howard Road
B25 8AL
0121 707 6684
All Entrants must:-

  • Obtain permission for the presentation of the performance from the relevant authority. If any changes have been made to thescript a copy of the written permission for the changes must be provided.
  • Indemnify the Birmingham & District Theatre Guild in respect of any prosecution under the Theatre Act 1968.
  • Supply a copy of the performance script by 31st January 2022 for use by the adjudicator.(This should not be a photocopy)
  • Be under 19 years on 21st February
  • Abide by the adjudicator’s decision which is final.Be represented at the Final Night of BFAME 21st February
  • Be within the time limit of 20-55 minutes and have a minimum of 2 speaking parts
Please note:

  • You will have 10 minutes to set & 5 minutes to strike your set.
  • If you are entering the AETF section you will be classed as an adult entry and will not be eligible for any youth awards.
  • If you are entering the AETF section, you must be available to perform at the Quarter-Final on 30th April, Semi-Final on 14th May and Final in June should you win.
  • Free tickets will be available at BFAME for the cast members (up to a maximum of 16) & stage crew (up to a maximum of 4) for your performance session.
  • Audience tickets will be available for you to sell at reduced prices to your friends and colleagues.

Please help us to publicise the festival and do whatever you can to help us by selling extra tickets.

Please print this section for reference.

Question Title

* 1. Name of School / Society

Question Title

* 2. Title of Entry

Question Title

* 3. Author

Question Title

* 4. Is the entry original?  (To be classed as original the script must not have been published and the play must not have been publicly performed more than 3 times prior to the date of its performance in this festival.)

Original scripts may be entered for the Geoffrey Whitworth new writing competition

Question Title

* 5. Is the entry