Industry Relevant Courses Survey

Heriot-Watt University is constantly striving to equip our graduates with the technical skills and Industry awareness to create the business leaders of the future.

We are planning to deliver an updated Master of Science Programme in Smart Systems Integration and would welcome your views on the development of this programme.

The survey should only take a couple of minutes and with your help, we can tailor the programme to deliver graduates with the appropriate skills set to enhance your industry.

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* 1. In which country is your company located?

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* 4. What is the percentage of employees with MSc degree or higher within your organisation?

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* 5. Within your organisation what importance is placed on graduates with deep content knowledge in these subject areas? (please tick one option per line)

  Not at all important Slightly important Fairly important Quite Important Very important N/A
HF/RF Microsystems
MOEMS and Optical Microsystems
Micro and Nano Biological Systems
Sensors and Actuators
Measurement and characterization of Microsystems
Assembly and Packaging
Modeling and Simulation of Mircosystems
IC and MEMS design
Manufacturing processes for ICs and MEMS
System Integration
IoT Technology, products and applications
Experience of industrial internship and/or placement

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* 6. What percentage of laboratory work and practical exercises in the curriculum do you believe will produce MSc graduates best suited to working within your organisation?

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* 7. How important are the following generic skills?

  Not at all Important Slightly Important Fairly Important Quite Important Very Important
Team Working

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* 8. Final Question: Does your company value the hiring of staff from a range of cultural backgrounds?

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