Application Form

The Resilient Roots initiative, coordinated by CIVICUS, in collaboration with Keystone Accountability and Accountable Now, is testing whether organisations who are more accountable and responsive to their roots - namely, their primary constituencies - are more resilient against external threats.

To do so, we are looking for partners in a range of countries to design and rollout innovative accountability pilot projects over an 18-month period. These pilot projects will explore the factors which increase public support and trust in civil society organisations (CSOs), to identify different pathways to greater, longer-lasting efficacy and legitimacy.

After reading the ‘Who is this for?’ section of the application guidelines to see if your organisation is eligible to apply, and the ‘What are we looking for?’ section, to help you come up with and refine the idea for your constituent accountability pilot project, please answer the below questions to submit your initial application

We recommend that you first write your responses to questions 2-9 in a word document, and then copy and paste them into the survey monkey form. Remember to pay close attention to the character limit for each question.  

Please note that this application form is only the first round of a two stage process. Organisations who have submitted shortlisted project proposals will be invited to submit a more detailed application at a later date. 

The full application guidelines are available here

The deadline for the first round of grant proposals is 18th March 2018. However applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received, and some grants may be awarded before this deadline.

If you have any questions or require further information, please email Jack Cornforth (  

* 1. About you and your organisation

* 2. What is the mission of your organisation? (300 characters max)

* 3. Who do you consider to be your primary constituents and what are the main ways that they engage with your organisation? (1,500 characters max)

* 4. What do you think accountability means to your primary constituents? (1,500 characters max)

* 5. What does resilience mean to your organisation? What are the main threats you face as an organisation? (1,500 characters max)

* 6. What kind of accountability practices do you already have in place? (1,000 characters max)

* 7. Provide us with one example of how a process of reflection, learning and improvement resulted in a positive/useful outcome? (1,500 characters max)

* 8. Please provide a summary of your proposed accountability pilot project (3,000 characters max)

* 9. Which other organisations, projects or individuals do you think would benefit from/be interested in constituent accountability pilot projects?

* 10. How did you hear about this call for proposals? Please list the source (e.g. email, twitter, newsletter, etc) and the organisation or individual this came from (e.g. Keystone Accountability, Jack Cornforth, etc).