* 1. Positive Behaviour Strategies

How effective do you think the following positive behaviour strategies would be for your child? (On a 5 point scale from 1 being  not at all effective to 5 being very effective)

  Not at all effective Not effective Neither effective nor ineffective Effective Very effective
Merit system
Point charts
Constructive feedback
Giving roles and responsibilities within the classroom
Pupil of the week
Clear expectations of learner, e.g 'I want you to...'
Selection for opportunities out with the classroom (e.g trips)
Pupil council representation (time in class to discuss concerns)

* 2. Expectations
How would you rate the following behaviours? (On a 5 point scale, from 1 being totally acceptable to 5 being totally unacceptable)

  Totally acceptable Acceptable Neither acceptable nor unacceptable Unacceptable Totally unacceptable
Swinging on chairs
Eating or drinking
Use of mobile phone
Talking out of turn or after warnings
Excessive use of toilet
Use of profanity
Regularly forgetting classroom equipment
Interrupting learning
Forgetting homework
Inappropriate use of social networking sites
Listening to music without permission
Arriving late to class
Damaging property
Physical violence

* 3. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?