Following recent issues with overstaying boats, Fenland District Council has been exploring the options for effectively managing its moorings in Whittlesey and March.  We would like to hear from river users so that we can put in place an effective scheme for managing the moorings in March and Whittlesey.

* 1. What period(s) of time are you usually moored at March/Whittlesey?

* 2. Do you think the current arrangements for ‘Visitor 36 Hour’ moorings work effectively?

* 3. At the moment, visitor mooring is available for 36 hours at FDC March and Whittlesey moorings. No return is allowed within 48 hours.

Do you think this length of stay maximises the opportunities for boaters to visit March and Whittlesey?

* 4. Why do you moor in March or Whittlesey ?

* 5. Select your reason(s) for being on the river:

* 6. How often does your boat move positions along the river?

* 7. Do you think that the current enforcement action taken by the Council is effective?

* 8. How could the Council better regulate the 36 hours moorings?

* 9. There have been recent issues with overstaying boats. To manage the mooring better, the Council is intending on fining overstayers for each 24 hour period they are on a mooring after the initial 36 hour stay. 

Do you think that this a reasonable approach to deter overstaying boats?

* 10. Thank you - your feedback will help us to address overstaying boats and put in place a practical solution to managing the moorings.