Welcome to Our Survey

There is no doubt this has been a hard season for so many of us, let us never underestimate how tough things have been in 2020. That has certainly been true for our church life. The restrictions that Covid-19 has placed on us has impinged on some of our most fundamental values. For instance, one of our core values at St Thomas’ is for people to find a strong sense of belonging here. But, this is a challenge when, for instance, the rule of six is in place and when only a small number of us can gather on a Sunday.

It is now clear that the impact of Covid-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and so as a church we will have to keep responding to the situation as we find it. To enable us to navigate and plan for this next season we would love to hear some of your thoughts and comments. What we would like you to do is complete the survey below. This is all done anonymously. Its main focus is our sense of belonging to St Thomas at the moment, but we also welcome any comments you feel would be helpful. It should only take about 5 mins to complete, we would really appreciate your input! Thank you.
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