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Mark Drakeford AM (First Minister of Wales) and Lesley Griffiths AM (Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs) have launched a new consultation on how best to support Welsh land owners.

They say: “It is clear there is an overwhelming case for supporting farmers. The question is how best to do it.”

Last year the Institute responded to the Brexit and our Land consultation which prompted an important national debate on how Welsh farming could be supported post-Brexit. Sustainable Farming and our Land presents revised proposals for consultation. No decisions have been taken on the nature of new schemes after leaving the CAP.

The Welsh government are seeking views on how Welsh farming can be made more sustainable.

The Consultation Document can be found here. 

Don't feel you have to answer every question, only those that you feel are relevant to you.

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* 1. Sustainable Land Management (refer to chapter 3, from page 21)

What are your views on the Sustainable Land Management framework?

You may want to consider:
• whether the structure of benefits, outcomes and actions is a useful tool
• whether the benefits and outcomes sufficiently cover the broad contribution of farmers, foresters and other land managers
• how we have described the Sustainable Land Management outcomes
• whether it is right to focus an income stream on environmental outcomes
• whether an alternative policy framework would be more appropriate

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* 2. Sustainable Farming Scheme (refer to chapter 4, from page 45)

What are your views on the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme?

You may want to consider:
• how the Farm Sustainability Review and Farm Sustainability Plan could be delivered in a proportionate manner
• how best to reward farmers for outcomes through their actions
• how the Sustainable Farming Payment should operate
• what business support should be offered to farmers
• what eligibility criteria are needed
• whether there is a role for capped or diminished payments
• how best to design the scheme to leverage additional private finance
• alternative ideas for supporting farmers in a manner consistent with Sustainable Land Management

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* 3. Advisory service (refer to chapter 5, from page 59)

What are your views on an advisory service?

You may want to consider:
• whether you agree an advisory service should be established
• the functions of the service
• what the relationship should be between the advisory service and the Welsh Government
• the appropriate scale of delivery

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* 4. Industry and supply chain (refer to chapter 6, from page 65)

What are your views on providing support to the industry and supply chain?

You may want to consider:
• whether it is right for support to be subject to Sustainable Land Management
• whether the proposed priorities reflect the right areas of focus

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* 5. Regulatory framework (refer to chapter 7, from page 73)

What are your views on our proposals to improve the current regulatory system and develop a new regulatory framework?

You may want to consider:
• how the current regulatory framework can be improved upon
• the scope of a future regulatory framework
• the role a future regulatory framework would play in championing Welsh standards
• how compliance with regulation should be monitored
• how breaches can be fairly and proportionately enforced

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* 6. Transition and funding (refer to chapter 8, from page 81)

What are your views on the purpose and design of a transition period?

You may want to consider:
• the proposed principles for transition
• the relative merits of the three transition options
• alternative proposals for transition
• how the CAP can be simplified and improved while it is still in operation

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* 7. Analytical approach (refer to annex A, from page 89)

What are your views on the analytical approach set out?

You may want to consider:
• the different stages of analysis
• the different tools and techniques which may be necessary for different aspects of the analysis
• the range of impacts which we propose to consider with the Integrated Impact Assessment

Question Title

* 8. Welsh language

We would like to know your views on the effects the proposals in this document would have on the Welsh language, specifically on opportunities for people to use Welsh and on treating the Welsh language no less favourably than English. What effects do you think there would be? How could any positive effects be increased, or negative effects be mitigated?

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* 9. Other comments           

If you have any related issues that we have not specifically addressed, please let us know

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