Introduction and Purpose

Hello, we are the Torridon and Kinlochewe Community Development Plan Group. We are made up of local people, including representatives from Torridon and Kinlochewe Community Council, Torridon and District Community Association, Community Out West Trust, and Kinlochewe Village Hall. The Torridon and Kinlochewe area extends from Balgy to Slattadale and includes the villages of Kinlochewe, Torridon, Annat, Fasaig, Wester Alligin, Inveralligin and Diabaig.

Welcome to our community survey. This survey is the start of a community conversation with all local residents which will help us create a community development plan for our area.

Why do we need a community development plan?

The community development plan will set out actions for the next few years to improve life and facilities in the Torridon and Kinlochewe area.

The plan will be community led and will include what we, as a community, need to do now to protect the area and make it sustainable for future generations. It’s as much about preserving the things we value as looking at changes that we may need to make.

The plan will seek to identify what the community cares about, what our needs are, and what can be done to address these. Wherever possible, we will identify community partner organisations who we can work with to develop ideas and take projects forward. We also hope to work with public bodies to try to improve the services or facilities which they are responsible for.

The community development plan will:

·       Belong to the community.  It is a plan that will set out what we will do to make improvements and protect the things we like.

·       Be community-led.  Community consultation will mean everyone has the opportunity to have a say in shaping the plan.

·       Give us a detailed snapshot of how the community feels at this time and what our priorities should be for moving forward.

·       Help us respond to gaps in facilities and services, including addressing some of the fragility highlighted by Covid-19.

·       Evidence community support for projects we wish to take forward. The way in which local services/ amenities are run is changing, with a trend towards community ownership.

·       Help us apply for funding. Funding is shifting from central government/ Highland Council to community-led solutions. We will need funding to take projects forward and grants are available for organisations that can show the community is behind projects.

This is your opportunity to be involved and to have your say. By completing the survey, you will be helping us to ensure that the voices of local residents are heard. It’s not a short survey - we have a lot to ask you about - but we hope you will be able to take the time to fill it in as it is really important that we hear from as many of our community as possible. Please answer as many questions as you can but you are not required to answer all the questions if you don’t want to. This is an individual survey so more than one person per household can complete it.

The survey is primarily for residents of the Torridon and Kinlochewe area, but we would also like the views of non-residents who work in the area, those who have close relatives here and holiday/second home owners.
Paper copies of the survey are available for anyone who is unable to fill it in online, or who would benefit from being able to look through it, before completing it online.  To request a paper copy, please call Mat: 07905 314465 or Caroline: 07956 318332.

The survey is completely anonymous and great care will be taken so no one can be identified when we publish the results. All information collected will be held securely and anonymously by Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) who are assisting us with this survey (see privacy statement below).

Privacy statement

We take your privacy seriously. This statement tells you how we use the information that you may submit to us, through online forms or indirectly through your web browser. We follow data protection regulations and make sure that:

We will never sell your information or pass it to third-parties beyond what is required for the function of this survey, a service you request from us, or the law.
We will only keep your information for as long as is required for the function of this survey, or the service you request from us.
We will keep your personal data safe using reasonable security safeguards against unathorised access, loss or theft.
We take extra care when we ask for sensitive personal information from you.

Please note that the survey cannot be saved and returned to at a later date, so it needs to be completed in one sitting. We suggest you allow 45 minutes to one hour to do this. 


All participants completing the survey can enter our prize draw with the chance to win:

1st prize: £100, 2nd prize: £50, 3rd prize: £25

Entry into the draw will require you to provide your contact details.  You will only have to provide contact details if you enter the draw.  Entry is not compulsory.
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