New Work Works General Information

Bath Fringe and Streats Ltd. have been running Bedlam Fair for over 25 years now. We've always liked to encourage new work, but it eventually became clear that there was a definite need for an event that made more of a point of doing precisely that - so for the last few years we’ve run a programme with supporting new work as its focus. New Work Works is aimed at you rather than at potential bookers – for you to find out whether your new work for this summer really works yet, while you've still got time to fix it! And we’ll help you do that through peer review or the opportunity to work with an artistic director to polish the new you before hitting the streets.

Bath & NE Somerset is well provided when it comes to sites for outdoor and intervention work.
Swathes of pedestrianised streets, squares, parks, open spaces, countryside on our doorstep, and even the occasional empty retail or industrial building.
It has tourists looking to be intrigued and entertained; and, after 40 years of street arts events, it also has a large specialist audience eager for new experiences and new talent.

We’re looking in particular to support artists from the South West, but that doesn’t mean others can’t apply, and in particular those with connections and previous form (and audience interest) in these parts. We welcome applications from performers from a diversity of backgrounds. We’re after completed shows (even if only first versions) rather than work-in-progress. The chosen performances / performers will be required for Bedlam Fair on Saturday 2nd  and/or Sunday 3rd June. Perfomance sites are currently TBC.
What we're looking for:
We use the word INTERVENTIONS to characterise the sort of work we're most interested in; this includes:
• Walkabout & promenade performances (and we're especially keen on those that interact or improvise with the public)
• Any performing artform stepping out of its usual formal home setting
• Installations – we mean mostly performances in installations, or ones that change/develop over time – suitable for non-gallery spaces.
• Classic street performance.
• Performances that appear out of nowhere and return there.
• The unexpected.
• Work including interventions in cyberspace or other places in the public realm.
• Pieces that transform their environment.
• Shows whose sets don't look like sets.
• Acts using street furniture or other elements of the everyday environment.

What we will do:
• A per person per day fee (£100), accommodation (if required), and some hospitality
• Technical assistance & event infrastructure
• Publicity in Bath Fringe & Bedlam Fair marketing materials
• Online information about you and your show - which we intend will still be a useful resource after the event.
• Peer Review - we'll be inviting some established & experienced street artists to come round and see everything, and to give you a short but honest appraisal of what you're doing and things you might like to think about. This will be for your eyes only, tho' we could use the positive part of it as a review of you on our website after the event.
• Time with an Artistic Director to help polish your performance and refine your existing work.
• Photography / video of your work

How we will choose
We’ll be picking the proposals that we think show the most merit and that would get the most out of what we are offering, but we also keep the audience in mind and try to provide variety and entertainment for them.

We're pleased to say that Arts Council England have agreed to support this project again in 2018.
The application process for performers is open until March 11th and we'll contact you again soon after that.