Springwell Lincolnshire is introducing a new academy in your area and we would like to hear your thoughts.
This questionnaire gives you an opportunity to give us feedback on how you feel about the new academy.

Subject to receiving the relevant planning permissions, Springwell Lincolnshire is opening four academies in the following locations

· Springwell Academy Spalding, Matmore Gate, Spalding, PE11 2PN (A refurbishment of the South Holland Post-16 Centre)

· Springwell Academy Mablethorpe, Seaholme Road, Mablethorpe, LN12 2DF (A refurbishment of the Mablethorpe Monks Dyke Tennyson College)

· Springwell Academy Grantham, The Grantham Teaching and Learning Centre, New Beacon Road, Grantham, NG31 9LD (New building)

· Springwell Academy Lincoln, Myles Cross, Macaulay Drive, Lincoln, LN2 4EN (New building)

* 1. Please tick which academy will be in your local area;

* 2. Please tick the box(es) which best describe you. I am a:

* 3. Do you support the setting up of Springwell Lincolnshire?

* 4. Do you support the signing of a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State for Education?

* 5. Do you agree with building the school in this location?

* 6. Do you have any other comments to make about the proposal to open these alternative academies?