Section 1: Green & Open Spaces, Transport and Roads, Education, Crime and Anti Social Behav

This survey is your opportunity to help us shape the future of Patchway. The Town Council and many community organisations, will use the data from this survey to help them set priorities. Have your say! Please take the time to fill in the survey. The data that will be collected for the finished Community Plan will help to attract investment to Patchway.
If you fill in this survey, and provide your contact detail you will be entered into a  prize draw for 5x £10 gift vouchers, 1x £25 gift voucher and 1x £50 gift voucher.    
If you need any support filling it in please contact Tom Llewellyn from Southern Brooks on 01454 868 572 or email 

* 1. Please can you provide us with your house number and postcode, (so that we can track which different parts of Patchway have responded to survey).

* 2. Overall how satisfied are you with Patchway as a place to live?

* 3. Over the last 3 years has the area got better or worse?

* 4. Do you feel part of the community in Patchway?

* 5. How would you rate the following green spaces in Patchway?

  Excellent Good Average  Poor  Don't know
Norman scott park 
Gorse covert woods and field
Charlton Hayes sparrowbill green park 
Bevington walk play park & woodland Area
Blakeney road play area
Blakeney road allotments 
Pretoria road allotments 
Patchway youth centre garden 

* 6. How do you feel the green spaces could be improved?

* 7. What types of green space and/or facilities would you like to see more of in Patchway?

* 8. How would you rate the following in Patchway?

  Excellent  Good  Average  Poor  Don't Know 
Public Transport
Road Infrastructure and Layouts 
Road Surfaces 
Road Signage 

* 9. Are the following an issue in Patchway?

  Not a problem  Problem  Serious Problem Don't Know
Pedestrian safety 
Traffic congestion and fumes 
Cost of public transport 
Reliability of public transport 
Lack of facilities for cycling, including link, paths and places to lock  
Heavy goods vehicles
Road surfaces

* 10. Any specific location or time for the above issues?

* 11. Do you feel that young people are well supported to achieve their educational goals in Patchway? With O being not supported at all and 10 being very well supported.

* 12. How would you rate the following in Patchway?

  Excellent  Good  Average  Poor  Don't Know 
Secondary School 
Primary Schools 
Pre Schools

* 13. Do you feel safe living in Patchway? With 0 being very unsafe and 10 being completely safe.
(If you want to give personal
and sensitive information in questions 16-17 please report online at or phone 101, or 999 if there is immediate danger or a crime
is currently in progress).

* 14. Are the following an issue in Patchway?

  Not a problem Problem  Serious Problem  Don't Know
Levels of crime 
Levels of domestic violence and abuse 
Levels of drug misuse 
Levels of anti-social behaviour
Hate Incidents: any act of hostility perceived to be motivated by a persons race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity
Litter and Dog Fouling

* 15. Any specific location or time for the above issues? If you have any concerns for your personal safety there is a local policing team who can be contacted on 101 or in case of emergency 999. If you have any concerns relating to domestic violence you can contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.

* 16. Overall, how responsive are the police to the needs of the community?

* 17. How would you rate access to advice and support in Patchway? 

* 18. Are you aware of places to go in Patchway to access advice and support? (North Bristol Advice Drop-in, Patchway Hub One-Stop Shop etc)