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BIra Trade Credit ReInsurance Survey

Earlier in May 2021, Bira met with Business Minister Paul Scully to discuss various issues affecting our sector, one of which was the up and coming removal of the Government’s Trade Credit Reinsurance scheme which is due to come to a close at the end of June 2021.

Bira has already seen businesses suffer with withdrawal of credit terms from some suppliers, and from June we expect that to get considerably worse for many more businesses.

We want to continue with the pressure to have the removal of the scheme delayed, to give our sector more time to recover from the past year’s disruption.

For this we need to know your feelings on the issue, as the impact will vary amongst various retail verticals, one example being fashion retailers who haven’t been able to sell spring/summer ranges, but still need to buy in winter stock.

Please help us to help our members by completing this very short survey, no matter if you feel you are affected, and no matter which retail sector you operate in.

Your contribution is extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.

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* 1. Have you had any issues with trade credit since March 2020 – either removal/reduction of credit or more requests to supply account information?

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* 2. Are you concerned that credit may be removed or harder to obtain after the publication of your previous year’s results?

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* 3. Would reduction / removal of credit facilities be manageable for your business?

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* 4. What is your primary retail activity ?

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* 5. If you answered "Other" to Q4, please specify

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* 6. If you would be willing to speak to Bira or the press about this subject and how it would impact on your business, please leave your contact details below.   Please note: We will not share your details with anyone until we've contacted you for approval.

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