Hackney & the City CCG - Exploring the experiences of people of colour who are LGBTQ+

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You are eligible to complete this survey if you are a person of colour who identifies as LGBTQ+ and has a connection to Hackney or the City of London; this connection could include living, working, or using services in the boroughs, or spending significant amounts of time socialising there.

About this survey

Terrence Higgins Trust is currently undertaking research funded by Hackney and the City of London’s Care Commissioning Group (CCG) into the health and social care experiences of people of colour who are LGBTQ+, and who live in these boroughs.

The research is seeking to understand the reasons for historically lower levels of engagement with health and social care services amongst this highly diverse demographic, which has been linked to poorer health outcomes.

With this in mind, and in order to inform the design and commissioning of existing and future services, we are asking you to complete the following questionnaire. Your anonymous responses will be directly fed back to Hackney and the City of London public health teams and front line service providers in the borough.
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