Think tank: what are you doing to reduce single use plastics?

Think tank: what are you doing to reduce single use plastics?

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* 1. FM World has been reporting on the campaign to reduce single-use plastics in the workplace - and we want to know what facilities managers are doing.

While the conversation about the perils of plastic is not new, the recent awareness campaign has gained much momentum after David Attenborough’s sobering insight during last year’s screening of the BBC’s Blue Planet II. Since then, the BBC has pledged that by 2020 all of its sites will be free from single-use plastic and the Queen has banned straws and plastic bottles at her estates.

It’s a fast-moving topic, with 2018 having already seen plastic bottles and cups being replaced in organisations across the country. But there’s much to do; In the UK alone, 7.7 billion single-use plastic water bottles are used in a year with not even half as many being recycled.

With many consumers and facilities end-users joining the campaign, we want to know from you:

* Can you give us examples of work you’re currently undertaking to reduce single-use plastics?

Please do provide additional comment on questions including

* How have the pressures on you to eradicate single-use plastics changed over the last year?

* How is this work affecting your supply chain and pricing?

* Do you have any other comment about the rush to reduce and eliminate plastics in the workplace?

You can email your answers to our news editor, Herpreet Grewal, at by 22nd August with the subject line ‘Single-use plastics’.