Research into the role of a DO

ABDO is researching the role of dispensing opticians and contact lens opticians as part of an upcoming campaign. We are keen to understand the roles that DOs and CLOs actually do in practice.
We also want to understand the barriers which might stop you offering some services. These could vary from lack of support from your employer to lack of confidence in your own skills, lack of local demand. Alternatively, the services may not be part of your role or may be carried out by another member of the practice team.
This survey is anonymous to allow you to be open in your responses. We would very much value it if you could complete the survey and let us know which roles you carry out.
Page 1 has questions for dispensing opticians and page 2 for contact lens opticians. After answering the first question about your main role you will be directed to the appropriate page.

Question Title

* 1. Is you main role that of a contact lens optician or a dispensing optician?