Thank you for taking out the time to review this survey.

This survey sets out to investigate the following:

- The most effective methods of refurbishment in terms of increasing residential resale value and maximising profit
- The most profitable price brackets and target profit margins (%)
- The most effective methods/tools for sourcing refurbishment projects
- How frequently developers have the end client in mind when refurbishing a property

This survey is in partnership with Repolist and forms part of my dissertation, which I am undertaking for my BSC Hons Degree in Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying. All data collected from this survey will be analysed and compared with other respondents. Infographics and statistics will be included within my dissertation and may be published by Repolist.

Only with your approval will your anonymity be included within my Dissertation.

This survey will close on the 18th of March.

Thank you again for taking this survey.

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* 2. Where has the majority of your experience come from?

Please tick the relevant choice below.

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* 3. Which methods of refurbishment have the most potential to maximise profit?

Please rank in order of profitability, with '1' being the most potential to maximise profit.

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* 4. If 'Other' answered above (Q3), please detail your answer below.

Where 'Other' was a choice from the above question, please provide details in the text box below.

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* 5. When assessing the potential profitability of a particular refurbishment project, what are the key areas you review?

Please tick your top 3 options and make any comments in the 'Other' section.

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* 6. Generally which of the below do you find to be most effective when sourcing refurbishment projects?

Please rank in order of effectiveness, with '1' being most effective.

Please tick the 'N/A' box to the right of each price bracket where no experience is held.

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* 7. If 'Other' answered above (Q6), please list your answer below.

Where 'Other' was a choice from the above question, please provide details in the text box below.

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* 8. How much of a priority is it to create a through kitchen-diner in a property where the rooms are currently separate?

Please select the relevant level of priority for each size of property below.

  High priority Medium priority Low priority
2 bedroom house
3 bedroom house
4 bedroom house
5+ bedroom house

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* 9. When undertaking a refurbishment project do you usually have the end Client in mind in terms of specification, amenities and layout?

Please tick the relevant answer from the below options.