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Please read the following information before proceeding.
Please DO NOT complete this study on mobile devices as the video URLs can not be opened.
Laptop or computers only.
Please contact: if you have any questions, comments or concerns. 

This study is an investigation into the effect of cat owner factors (E.g. experience with cats) on the personal interpretation of the behaviour of cats. We would like to understand which of these factors influences how we perceive feline behaviour. You should be more than 18 years old to take part.

The following questionnaire is based around 5 short video clips of cats. For each clip there is multiple statements concerning how the cat is acting. With the multiple choice options for each statement, you should choose which one answer best indicates your level of agreement with each statement.


The cats are scared

- Strongly agree
- Agree
- Neither agree nor disagree
- Disagree
- Strongly disagree.


These statements do not have a good or bad answer, it is all about how you personally interpret or feel about the clips. Try to respond to all of the statements. 

Please note although we have taken steps to ensure that these video clips are used ethically, they do feature things that might upset some (e.g cats being aggressive). No video was created specifically for use in this study, but all clips are publicly available and produced by others (we have simply collated them into a single location. You will need to have a second window open showing the videos at the same time as doing the questionnaire).

To help you do this, we have provided the links to the videos for you. Simply copy and paste the link into the separate browser window. Please complete all preliminary questions and move on the the questions on the next page (video Questions). If you can not do this, open YouTube in a new tab and search for the channel name 'Cat Behaviour Study'. The videos are titled 1- 5, and must be viewed in ascending order. 

By proceeding, you give your informed consent to view the content of this exercise. If at any point you do not wish to continue, please feel free to exit the questionnaire. If you do exit the study before completion, none of the answers you already gave will be used in any analysis unless you click on the final option “I give permission for my data to be used in this study” at the end. Please note it is important that you click on this option to allow us to use the data.

Thank you for your participation.
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