We are currently developing a South Ayrshire Independent Advocacy Plan for 2019 – 2024.

We would be grateful to hear your views on independent advocacy in South Ayrshire. Your feedback will help us understand perspectives on local advocacy and identify opportunities for improvement.

What is Independent Advocacy?

Independent advocacy supports people to have their voice heard and to have as much control as possible over their own lives.

The person who can help is called an ‘advocate'.

Independent advocacy:

  • aims to help people by supporting them to express their needs, views and wishes
  • helps people to gain access to information and explore and understand their options
  • supports individuals to make informed decisions
  • provides a voice on behalf of people who are unable to speak for themselves, or choose not to
  • safeguards individuals who lack capacity, either temporarily or permanently
Any information you give will be treated in strict confidence and will be used only for the purposes of developing an Independent Advocacy Plan that meets the needs of those living in South Ayrshire.