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1. 150Club Eligibility

The 150Club (Newham Community Prescription) is a 12 week physical activity programme for Newham residents over 18 years old aimed at reducing the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease.

The programme takes it name from the UK Government Guidelines on Physical Activity, which state that adults should be aiming to perform at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week.

The programme involves:

-           Lifestyle Advisor support on your 12 week journey
-          1 hour initial assessment
-          Weekly 1 hour exercise class (variety of sessions available)
-          Final assessment on completion
-          Various options to continue with long term activity (including a reduced rate leisure centre membership).

To be eligible for the programme you must be a Newham resident over 18 years with one or more of the following :

- Qrisk for Cardiovascular Disease over 10% (to find out your QRisk score use this tool)
- History of Gestational Diabetes - diabetes during pregnancy ( you must not be currently pregnant)
- Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25-44.9 or 23-44.9 if Black/Asian/Chinese ethnicity (use this BMI calculator to work our your BMI)

Please note if you have previously completed the 150Club programme, you are not eligible to participate again

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* 1. Do you live in Newham?

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* 3. Have you completed the 150Club programme before?

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* 4. Do you have at least one of the below:

- Gestational Diabetes - diabetes during pregnancy (not currently pregnant)

- Qrisk for CVD over 10% 
to check your Qrisk score use this tool (clickable link)

BMI between 25-44.9 (or 23-44.9 if Black/Asian/Chinese ethnicity)
to check your BMI use this tool (clickable link)

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* 5. Have you ever had a heart attack or a stroke?

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* 6. Has your GP ever told you that you have a cardiac condition?

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* 7. Do you have any medical conditions that are unstable or poorly controlled?

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* 8. Do you have diabetes?

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* 9. Is your Body Mass Index under 44.9? Use this tool to work out your BMI (clickable link)

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