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* 1. About you (this will be kept confidential)

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* 2. Region

If you are based in the East Midlands please follow this link to your survey
For guidance on how to identify problems, watch this webinar for expert advice from ?What If! Innovation, the leading innovation experts who we work with to deliver Housing Futures.

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* 3. What are the big challenges that your tenants/housing association are facing? If you are a tenant, contribute suggestions of the challenges you think your housing association needs to tackle.

The suggestions you contribute at this stage should be high level, we’re not looking for detail but a broad view of the big challenges. Digging into the problem will happen in the next phase at regional insight labs in the spring. You can contribute multiple challenges in the below text box, please read the criteria before submitting your suggestions.

The regional problem area must meet the following criteria:

1.      Scale of impact. Through the programme, associations will be working together to help tackle the big systemic issues in housing.  As a result, while a problem may be a particular issue in a region, it should also impact on people in other parts of the UK. Problem areas should:
a.      Affect a significant number of people
b.      Have a significant impact on those they affect
c.       Consideration should also be given to problems that are likely to get significantly more acute in the future if we don’t act now

2.      Collaboration. Through the programme associations will collaborate on shared challenges. As a result, we are looking for problem areas that:
a.      Require collaboration and can’t be solved by one association alone

3.      Core business. Through the programme we want to make use of the collective resource and expertise of the sector to solve shared problems. As a result we are looking for problem areas that:
a.      Relate to the core business of housing associations

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* 4. Why do you think this is the issue that should be tackled in your region?

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